2017 Crosscurrent

The Benchmark Is Set

Juiced Riders is well known for creating solid and reliable utility e-bikes used as true car replacement vehicles. The ODK series of Utility e-bikes have dominated the segment while being nominated as E-bike of the Year at Interbike 2015. Now our new 2017 CrossCurrent sets the benchmark in the sporty, high speed e-bike category.

Solid Platform

The CrossCurrent is designed on a fundamentally sound 700cc aluminium bicycle frame with an integrated down tube battery pack. Every part is carefully designed, engineered and manufactured to the Juiced standard.

Sporty Performance

The CrossCurrent is all about sporty performance. We have designed the bike for maximum performance, minimum weight while maintaining an affordable price.

With the 48V battery and a geared motor with high speed windings, the pedal assist system can achieve an impressive top speed. Feel the high as you accelerate past the standard class of e-bikes.

Precision Torque Sensor
Fully proportional pedal-assist system

Pedal Sensor

Average E-bike

Plastic disc with magnets wedged onto the crank

Max 12 Pulses / Revolution

High Definition
Pedal Sensor + Torque Sensor


CNC Machined / Precision Dual Hall Sensors Precision Strain Gauge for Pedal Force

104 Pulses / Revolution
1,000 Torque Samples / Second

The addition of the super precise strain gauge unlocks the system’s ability to know not only how fast you are pedalling, but also exactly how hard. The system measures your actual leg power output at 10,000 times a second, dynamically amplifying your pedal effort in real time.

The feeling matches and exceeds the effect experienced on the most premium bikes available today. This is due to the fact that with BOTH cadence and torque sensors active at the same time, you get the advantage of both types of sensors with none of the disadvantages.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Top of the line Tektro Dorado braking system

Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Power is nothing without stopping power. At high speeds, the ability to slow down rapidly is critical. We use the highest performance hydraulic disc brakes designed specifically for this speed range of electric bikes. Self adjusting pads provide fiddle free performance.

World-Class Features

Shimano Transmission With High Ratio Gearing
Special attention is paid to the transmission as e-bikes can move at higher speeds than normal bikes. a 52T front chain ring and 11T rear sprocket ensure that you will not “hamster wheel” at high speeds.

Simplified Control System
We have designed a very simple interface that only does exactly what you need. Turn the bike on, select the assist level and enjoy the ride.

Dynamic Assistance
Most e-bikes randomly boost you at the wrong times, wasting energy while making for an awkward ride. With the use of a sensitive toruqe sensor and the careful study of human pedalling power, we have crafted an athletic feeling e-bike that is able to rapidly spin up to top speed yet easy to ride at lower speeds.

The motor assistance in the SPORT mode is more controllable at certain speeds where the rider is naturally stronger. The boost increases as the bike’s speed increases past the point where aerodynamic drag forces can overwhelm the rider. The result is maximum fun while using the battery as efficiently as possible.

E-Bike Rated Tires
The CrossCurrent fits normal 700c bicycle tires, but for added performance we have selected e-bike rated tires with more tread and ability to withstand higher tire pressures.

Dial In Your Boost
There are 5 modes of pedal assist ranging from ECO mode for maximum range to SPORT mode for maximum speed.

ECO Mode
The eco mode just provides enough boost to cancel out the added weight of the bike. Use this mode the achieve maximum range or when riding with other unassisted cyclist.

Levels 1, 2 and 3
Levels 1-3 provide increasingly powerful pedal assistance.

Sport Mode
Sport mode is custom tuned for more athletic performance and peak assistance. Jump to SPORT mode while in any other setting when you feel the need for speed.

Multiple Frame Sizes + Step-Thru Frame Available

Super simple electronics layout + world class support

Why aren’t all e-bikes made like this? Juiced Bikes has a strong reputation in the utility e-bike market. Companies large and small depend on our e-bikes every day. Utility e-bikes have very demanding job and must be extremely serviceable as time is money in the logistics industry.

Designed to be supported
World class support starts with a fundamentally sound design. Our bikes are designed with hidden features to provide easy inspection and identification of issues. We target a 10 min swap time for any part on our utility e-bike and verify with timed trials.

The cables, running externally can be easily accessed. Parts are clearly laid out and easy to understand. The electronics system uses non-proprietary and easily sourced parts to insure your bike will be running many years down the road.

Parts Availability: The hard part
We have deep parts availability down to every screw. Hyper fast parts shipping with Amazon Fulfillment Service. Our World Class tech support and online documentation sets the standard for the utility e-bike industry and now we bring this culture to the Sport E-Bike category.

Professionally Engineered and Manufactured

Rather than market bikes assembled from off-the-shelf supplier’s parts, Juiced Bikes has developed deep cooperation with the leading e-bike companies to design, engineer and manufacture innovative e-bike products.

Partnering with Luyuan E-Vehicle, one of the top e-vehicle manufactures with over 1.5 million units sold every year, we have created a High Performance E-bike Division focusing on lithium powered pedal assist e-bikes for international and domestic markets. With the experience of over 90 engineers and technicians, we plan to make a significant impact in the new lightweight e-vehicle market.

Our line of utility e-bikes are engineered and tested to the highest standards demanded by e-scooters and small electric motorcycles. We put our Current Series of e-bikes through the same boot camp on the way to production.

Testing, Testing and more Testing
The e-bike technology at the moment is in constant flux. The challenge is to bring a product to market before it is obsolete. To achieve this feat and bring the cost to an affordable level, we must first make early identification of promising new technologies then test the hell out of them as fast as possible.

This way we can quickly understand the dynamics of implementing a new technology and get a grip of how the service will be handled. Our in-house testing facility is constantly testing in-production parts, testing pre-production parts and testing upcoming experimental parts developed buy our suppliers and ourselves.

We build test rigs and custom production tools in our massive in-house machine shop. Some test equipment exceed the performance capability of the suppliers who initially developed the part. In this way, we bring the best products to the market at an affordable price while helping to accelerate this green e-bike technology for the entire industry.

Technical Specifications


From $2799


6061 Aluminium heat treated
Hydrofoamed Top Tube
Integrated & removable down-tube battery
Reention Dorado ID1 Plus
Water bottle cage mount
Rear pannier rack mount
Fender stay mounts

Frame Sizes

  • M: 17.5″ Step-thru
  • M: 17.5
  • L: 19.0
  • XL: 20.0


Red Clear coat with black graphics
Black Matte with clear coat graphics


Bike: 45 lbs (20.5 kg)
Battery: 6.5 lbs (2.9kg)
Total: 51.5 lbs (23.4 kg)


Red Clear coat with black graphics
Black Matte with clear coat graphics


28 mph (45 km/h) / S-Pedelec / Class 3 (Can also be configured to run in Class 1 or Class 2)

Power System

Motor: Bafang (8Fun) 350W / Geared hub motor / Super high speed winding / Shimano cassette
Controller: 6 Transistor / Sine Wave / Customised tuning algorithm / OverBoost function
Throttle: Optional Thumb Throttle / Right or Left side mountable / 20 mph @ 8A (Throttle does not effect pedal assist top speed)
Display 1: Standard Display / King Meter T320 / Customised 4-button layout / 5 Levels assist: ECO, 1, 2, 3 and SPORT
Display 2: Compliance Display / King Meter T320 / Customised 3-button layout / 4 Levels assist: ECO, 1, 2, 3
Wire Harness: 1-to-3 Quick Connect / Brass lock-ring / Water resistant
Standard Charger: Modiary 2A / UL Certified / On-bike and off-bike charging / 3.5 hour recharge time
Advanced Charger: Grin Tech Cycle Satiator / 8A / UL Certified / Programmable / Water resistant / Comp. w/ 78 Cell packs only

Torque & Cadence Sensors

Cadence: Max 104 poles per crank revolution / Digitally filtered
Torque: Rear Drop-out frame-mounted strain gauge

Battery Options

Battery Options Capacity Volts Energy Range: Fast
(20 Wh / mile)
Range: Average
(15 Wh / mile)
Range: Economy
(10 Wh / mile)
Standard Battery 7.8 Ah 7.8 Ah 48 V 374 Wh 19 mi 25 mi 37 mi
Extended Range Battery 10.4 Ah 10.4 Ah 48 V 499 Wh 25 mi 33 mi 50 mi
Super Extended Range Battery 17.4 Ah 17.4 Ah 48 V 835 Wh 42 mi 56 mi 84 mi
Hyper Extended Range Battery 21.0 Ah 21.0 Ah 48 V 1,008 Wh 50 mi 67 mi 101 mi


Brake: Tektro HD-E715 Dorado Hydraulic Disc
Rotors: Front – 180 mm / Rear – 180 mm
Pad: High performance metal ceramic compound / B01S Style


Derailleur: Shimano Alivio 9 speed 11-32T / Trigger shifter
Front Chainring: Pro Wheel 52T CNC
Crank: 170mm
Chain: KMC


Suntour NCX with Hydraulic Lockout Fork
Adjustable Spring Rate
Fender stay mount

Handle Bar & Stem

Promax Stem and Handle bar / Grip: Velo Lock-on

Seat Post & Seat

Promax 27.2 mm
Promax quick release
Selle Royal / Looking / Gel


Welgo platform pedals, Sealed bearings

Wheels & Tires

Kenda K1088 / 700 x 45C / 36H / E-bike rated / 85 psi max


Stainless / Front: 13G / Rear: 12G

Mud Guards & Rear Rack

Compatible with industry standards

Packing Dimensions

54″ x 34″ x 12″ / Front wheel removed / Bike+Box: 56 lbs (25.4kg)


  • 1 Year coverage on electrical components
  • 2 Year coverage on mechanical
  • Lifetime coverage on frame